Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A peek in my window...

So, my day started at about 4am with miss keira letting me know that she wanted to watch Blues Clues. I soooo should have known that somewhere inside of that cute tiny little body was the devil! haha. i was being a good mom and making garrett and zack pancakes for breakfast when into the kitchen walks my painted baby. i quickly ran into the dining room where i knew the PERMANENT markers are and discovered that thankfully the table and chairs we just paid alot of money to be restored were spared her artistic flair. i just had to take pictures. she was very willing and way to proud to show off her arm at first and then became quickly aware that maybe, just maybe she had screwed up. this realization came from her big brothers saying "oh, your in trouble!!" yeah, just another day in the life of me. couldn't help myself, had to share. have a great day, and who knows there just might be more fun and mayhem in my day to share later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From Mom...

made with the kit by KimberlyraeKreations

In my next life i'm gonna be "Mrs. Geek Squad"

I really believe that i have made some one royally mad at me and they now have me under a horrible spell!! 9 out of 10 times nothing goes right for me. no matter what it is. well if you recall from an earlier post i described how my usb ports had taken hiatis on another continent, well it turns out that all i had to do was be brave enough to take a two year old, a bag of gadgets and my tower over to the local Best Buy and visit the very unattractive Geek Squad member named Dave. Now, im really trying to not be prejudice here but just once it would be nice (as a stay at home mom who doesnt get out and about to often) to be taken care of by some super duper hot guy who knows your married but flirts anyhow! NO! i get over weight Dave who quite honestly couldnt stop staring at the twins the entire time he was telling me that my computer has been taken over by 7 viruses and for the mere price of $300 he'll gladly fix it. I felt like asking him just how much of that commision was going to go towards buying more cream filled treats!! not at all. so my plan is to let dear husband know whats up and have him go visit Dave!

But, one good thing did come out of all of this. Dave plugged in my card reader (just as ive done for the past six weeks) and without doing one thing to my computer it now works so ya'll are in for a pictorial treat!!! im so excited. can you tell?

this is the new house! Garrett and Zack on the first day of school

Keira chillin'. Take note of the bruise on her cheek. she tried to walk between the wall and an open door...the door won!

Keira posing with her hippie shirt on!

I should go for now, keira needs a nap and i have household things to do. yeah right! there's gotta be something on cable! take care, make memories to last a lifetime!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Smack down in the cul de sac

Hee hee! that still makes me laugh. All's well here in burbia. No smack down, although i surely wanted to. I think the kids were really sad that they didn't get to see big mama take out the neighbor. I should fill ya in on the whole story. Long story short, week one we were here Garrett and brick got electric scooters. Garrett's was a E100 model. well the other day the little kid next door claimed it for his own leaving Garrett completely deflated. of course the kids mom took her sons side and wouldn't listen to anything we had to say so i had to talk to his father. again getting no where. in our garage was a more expensive faster scooter with a broken kick stand. well being the mom i am i wanted to do everything i could to make Garrett feel better about the situation (he wanted his scooter back!) so i had a battle between head and heart and opted not to call in johnny law of edwardsville and to just let things work themselves out. low and behold Dan found the spring for the kick stand in the driveway, fixed it , charged it and now Garrett has the faster more expensive scooter. with his name on it!!! things sure have a funny way of working out. i may not talk to HIM everyday but i do believe he watches out for us.
anywho...dan and the boys have gone to the YMCA for alittle swimming this afternoon so i am relaxing while keira naps. of course i wont sit for long, because the house needs a little picking up and to be honest i just cant sit for too long. mind is still going at least a hundred miles an hour and the best way to remedy this for me is to keep busy.
enjoy the rest of the weekend, make memories!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Square peg, round hole

Heavy heart today. Things happening that to be honest confuse me. Adults not acting like adults. Kids who despite all, keep on keepin' on. I wont go into details right yet. Still trying to resolve my head and my heart. Just know that i am the square peg in this whole thing and i dont think im ready to round my corners just yet.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

four weeks

Well, it's been four weeks since we made the big move. Things are coming into place. Kids are adjusting as well as kids can. There are new friends and teachers who give too much homework! Keira hasn't really skipped a beat. she never stops moving and with that two year old attitude our days are filled with tears and laughter. she has really added to her vocabulary. it's fun to listen to her talk now. you can actually have a pretty decent conversation with her. explaining why she cant throw spaghetti O"s at the dinner table is a weekly thing! We got a new table that sits her about four feet from the floor and apparently the sound of O's hitting the floor at this height is waaayyy cooler than before! The house is taking shape, still some areas that need work but honestly its not that big of deal. It definitely looks lived in. And that's how it should be. I will never have a "perfect" house. I don't really want one. You know the kind, where everything is in it's place. That seems wrong to me. There are still piles of paperwork and toys strewn about from keira. To me it means that there is life here.

Today we are getting a visit from my aunt susi and her boyfriend. I cant wait to see her. Family is huge to me and i miss them all so much. I'd be happy if someone came to visit every week! More family is coming in October, it will be great.

I should go for now, a day full of memories awaits...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I think i finally have a quiet moment to myself to actually write! Amazing, i know. It's been quite busy around our new house. With getting things unpacked and organized to the point that we can function on a daily basis, and getting the boys ready for school (they started on the 19th), i have been in my own little world. I have to say tho that things are taking shape. It doesn't feel like home yet but with time maybe it will. In fact no place feels like home anymore. we went home a week ago for a family reunion and to be honest pulling into the driveway and walking into an empty house was really hard. it doesn't feel like home anymore.Ifeel lost to be honest. I don't regret any of this, because this is where our family needs to be. Together. It hasn't been the miracle fix, certain people still fight and yell and say mean things, but with time maybe that will change too.
I have many photos on my camera, but somehow during the move my computers usb drives decided to go MIA. anything i plug in i get that dreaded little box that says "usb drive not recognized". seriously...I'm over it. maybe a trip to the forbidden store is needed. ill just take the memory card and get all the pics on a disk and do it that way. i have nothing better to do today, really.
speaking of today, it is my 37th birthday. yeah, I'm feeling more like 87! we painted the boys room this weekend and my body aches in places i didn't think you could actually get aches. i will try to enjoy it, maybe a little running around this morning with keira and then get the grass cut this afternoon. then dinner and homework and baths and cleaning...birthdays just aren't as much fun when you get all old and mature! I'm sure ill slip in a rum and coke before bed, i deserve that much.
well, its time to wake one of the kiddos for school so i will say goodbye for now. like my mom always says, fill your day with memories.