Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To Carin....

This is what happens when your Mom helps set up your Blog...she gets to sneak in here when your not looking and do stuff like this.
Hubby and I have had the joy of having Keira and Zack spend a few days with us, it has been fun, interesting and left me with the greatest admiration for my daughter. We only had two of the kids. Carin deals with 4 sometimes 5 of them all the time. I for one couldn't do that. Not just because of the age difference, but because it is a 24/7 thing. There really are no breaks.
Dan works out of town most of the time which leaves Carin both Mom and Dad. Not easy. She is like a single Mom, dealing with everything from the kids to the house, making sure everything is the way it should be. There are time when I know she feels like she is failing, she is wrong. I watched Zack treat Keira with love and caring. If how these two act is any indication of the job she is doing...well she should get a raise. I know she's my daughter I should feel this way, I would be saying this about anyone in this position. Because she's my daughter I am that much more proud of her, that much more in awe of her and love her that much more!
Yes Gracie, I love you, I am proud to be your Mom! Have fun tonight and see you in the morning!! ( you are coming early right??!!) LOL

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"every day think of one thing that you are gratefull for"

got an email from an old friend today. the title is what she said to me. and so for today i will think of this song that is playing and i will remember watching my mom and her sisters standing in our shower on christmas eve doing their best to harmonize and most of all make memories. I miss you so much aunt patti but i am gratefull you were a part of my life and you will always be in my memories.

I wanted to wish everyone a very merry christmas and happy new year. I hope everyone makes memories that last a lifetime.